Typical Childhood Experiences Program Coordinator

Hours: Part-time position, 20-25 hours a week

Location: Cleveland

Salary: Hourly: $18-$20/Hour

Supervisor: Executive Director

Job Responsibilities:

 Manage in kind giving programs for children in foster care and residential treatment

 Communicate with program partners, youth, and foster families

 Execute evaluations of programs

 Manage scheduling of programs with partner organizations and Volunteer Coordinator

 Work closely with staff of supporting agencies

 Purchase and manage program supplies

 Other duties as assigned

Qualifications & Skills Needed:

 Bachelor’s Degree in social work, education or related fields

 Able to manage multiple programs and responsibilities

 Ability to work independently to meet program goals

 Excellent organizational skills

 Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills

 Extensive background check conducted

Posted on:

April 16, 2022



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