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Every kid needs to pack hope.

Suitcases are a reflection of ourselves and the journeys we’ve taken. For children and young adults in foster care, having a suitcase ( instead of a trash bag ) improves their sense of self-worth and shows that they are valued. Fostering Hope values our kids and supports them in their journeys.

Cara Berg

Development Director

Karen Carter

Executive Director

Melvin Davis

Dreams Program Manager

Emily Depew

Hope in Balance Instructor

Corie Friedman

Childhood Experiences Program Coordinator

Gaby Gannon

Volunteer Coordinator

Elaine Hullihen

Hope in Balance Coordinator / Instructor

Lisa Meranti

Hope in Balance Instructor

Laura Morello

Hope in Balance Instructor

Kathy Oberdove

Hope in Balance Instructor

Nicole Shefrin


Heidi Wuescher

Hope in Balance Instructor

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